TEM Laboratory


TEM laboratory


Main equipment: Field Emission high-resolution transmission electron microscope (FE-HRTEM)
Installation date: June 2007
Source of funding: Tamkang University
Brand and model: Japan JEOL JEM-2100F-HR (Jiedong co.)
Location: Tamsui campus Communication Hall, C136, Nano Microscopy Laboratory
Main Specifications:
Accelerating voltage: 200 kV
Image magnification: 60 - 1,500,000
Image resolution: Point : 0.23 nm ; Lattice : 0.1 nm
Double tilt base: X axis ± 35 ° ± 30 °; Y-axis
Main Accessories
EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis System):
Oxford INCA Energy TEM 250 Microanalysis System with Si (Li) detector
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM):
With the HAADF Detector; and the BF / DF Detector image resolution: 0.2 nm
Gatan CCD digital imaging system:
UltraScan 1000, 2k × 2k pixel and DigiScan II (for STEM image)

Instrument properties:
Shoot a lattice image, structural image, or diffraction image of specimen material; observe and analyze material’s crystal structure, crystalline fracture, micro-organization, and defects; and make a semi-quantitative analysis of elements.
Specimen preparation equipment
Diamond cutting machine (Buehler IsoMet Low Speed Saw), specimen stamps take (Disc Punch), cross-section making group of tools (Cross-Section Kit), the grinding / polishing machine (Allied 8 "Grinder / Polisher), dimple grinder (Gatan Dimple Grinder), precision ion miller (Gatan 691 PIPS), and metallurgical microscope (Olympus BX51), and other devices.

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